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EXCLUSIVE: The Ultimate Basement Grand Re-Opening the rest of Day 1 & 2

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I have been photographing shows at The Ultimate Basement now for approx. 2 years and am glad to see that it has moved from Polk County where the place if under any other management would have folded up in the first year to Rutherford County. David Weisgerber, known as the Gerb, has never had the mighty dollar part of his vision in this place, but I am sure that if it starts making money in it new location he won’t complain. The Ultimate Basement started out as a gaming room with as he boast “We boast 4 XBOX 360s, XBOX, Playstation 1, 2 Playstation 2s, Playstation 3, Wii, Pool Tables, Card Table, Foosball tables, Half-pipe” (this has not yet to come to the new place but is in the works) and has evolved into much much more. TUB has hosted bands from all over the world, Neverland (Switzerland), Val Halla (Cananda), ManOKin (England), and Livin Garden (Brazil) plus has giving local bands a place to play in an area that only has a few select venues to play. This is an all age’s place where a 3 yr old can get right in front of the stage and have just as good time as the fans of the band playing without being harmed. This venue has also done so much charity work for the community that there is too many to list and will continue to do so, cause that’s just how Gerb is!

click here for more candids of  the Ultimate Basement Grand Re-Opening

Now on with the rest of the bands that played the 2 day Grand Re-Opening:

Idle Forsaken started the 1st night off with an acoustic set of tunes that was refreshing to hear. This 2 pc Acoustic band with Corey Tossas, guitar & vocals & Daniel Brumana, drums, got the crowd started and ready for the rest of the night! I recommend seeing them and probably will myself again.



Click this for more photos of IDLE FORESAKEN



Amorous By Mourning a new band that fired their vocalist right after the show, seemed to have some problems getting it together though out their set. An off night for a band….possibly?  I am betting on the idea that the vocalist probably saw it coming and didn’t give a 100%. I would have to see them again to say though. Please check them out to make you own decision though.

Click this for more photos of AMOROUS BY MOURNING



Lithiasis, this band actually kicked fuckin’ ass!! This was my first time seeing this band and I am really looking forward to being to see them again! Hopefully these guys can make down to GA sometime their brand of metal is kind of overdone nowadays but they made it sound new. Definitely go check them out!!

Click this for more photos of LITHIASIS



Eyes Down has got to be one of the most energized bands out there with a fresh sound as they state “Eyes Down is dedicated to a message of truth and actively keeping oneself informed and involved”.  Having 2 people dressed in prison jump suits with their head covered on stage as they played was interesting. Taking the message and I may be wrong that we are all prisoners with our sight & speech taken away. Sounded good to me anyway?  This is another band that if you get the chance to see don’t pass it up!

Click this for more photos of EYES DOWN



Absoulute Convixtion another band with a distinctive and new sound kicked some major ass! From
Charlotte, NC, Absoulute Convixtion describes themselves as “A little bit of this, a little bit of that…” which fit them perfect. You can hear the different influences in their music but not a blatant rip off of some other bands style or conforming to a style that is in vogue at the moment. I am eagerly waiting for them to put out an EP or full length soon!

Click this for more photos of ABSOULUTE CONVIXTION


Broken At Birth

Broken At Birth is a band out of Salsbury, NC that’s sound had that 90’s grunge to it with some Slayer/Slipknot added to it. All in all it was a decent performance and musically sound, but not much on the live entertainment side of the show. Bob Horney the bassist sat down on edge of the stage at one point in the show…..BORED??

Click this for more photos of BROKEN AT BIRTH



Roll It Over a band that drove all the way from MD to NC just to do this show! WOW how fuckin awesome is that!! They are currently in the studio finishing their debut album and from their show it will an awesome one at that. Roll It Over is in the vein of 3 Doors Down/Foo Fighters but have definite sound of their own. I hope they are able to come back down this way but will have to settle for the 2 songs they have for free download.


Click this for more photos of ROLLIT OVER


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